ServeByte's Cloud VPS Infrastructure
A light and agile solution suitable for any server application.

Base VPS
3 GB Guarenteed ECC Memory
2.1 GHz CPU
100 GB SSD-Cached RAID-5 Disk
Unmetered 25 Mbps Bandwidth
€15 per month (Free setup)
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DDOS Protected Network
Instant Activation
Redundant Power & Network
KVMoIP & Rescue Mode
Instant Reboots & Reinstalls
IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack
KVM Virtualization
Quick in-house support
Extra Disk
If you need more disk space you can configure the capacity of your main disk for extra file storage. All storage is SSD-cached.
Upgrade to 150 GB RAID-5€5
Upgrade to 250 GB RAID-5€10
Upgrade to 500 GB RAID-5€20
Available during order.

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Extra RAM
Having pleanty of RAM is the key component to having a fast experience for everyone who uses your server. You can never have enough RAM because what you don't use allows for caching disk.
Upgrade to 4 GB€5
Upgrade to 6 GB€10
Upgrade to 8 GB€15
Upgrade to 12 GB€20
Upgrade to 16 GB€25
Available during order.
Extra CPU
Add some life to your VPS. CPU is the raw computing performance of your VPS.
Additional CPU Core€10
Available during order. Maximum 8 cores.

A snapshot allows you to roll-back a disk at anytime in the event of something breaking inside your VPS.
€10 per snapshot
Available during order.
Your VPS will already have unmetered bandwidth but you can upgrade the port speed. Additional IP addresses are also available.
Extra IPv4 Address€2
Upgrade to 50 Mbps€75
Upgrade to 75 Mbps€100
Upgrade to 100 Mbps€125
Upgrade to 200 Mbps€200
Available during order.

Enable HA
Enabling High Availibility for your VPS means that in the event of a node failure, your VPS will be instantaneously started on a backup server to minimize downtime. There is no special configuration required for your VPS. Your VPS disk is also replicated to another server with RAID-5 storage which means you get RAID-50 for even more protection from disk failures.
We will manage your VPS for you. Install and configure software. Keep your server updated with the latest security updates.
  Debian 7
  CentOS 7
  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard*
* License not included.
 cPanel & WHM€15

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